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Plot- 8¢

Great YA story. Angsty to the max. Love triangle. Ms. McAdams does one of the hardest things possible to one of her characters. Very brave move.

Main Characters- 4¢

Harper has a huge heart.Torn. Indecisive. Brandon “Man of the Millennium” is the most understanding human ever wrote. Chase is the perfect bad-boy, loner.

Secondary Characters- 5¢

Totally awesome. The Grayson’s are so welcoming and unconditionally loving. Brea is the best ever bestfriend.

Setting- 3¢

Parts stick out looking back, but it wasn’t a main focus in the book. Good.

Humor- 2¢

Some parts were upbeat, absolutely not a comedic read. Major drama.

A/R- 4¢

Start to finish no stopping. Progression lulled a little in the second quarter, but picked back up in spades.

Vocab- 3¢

YA voice, not super complex. Good editing.

Steam- 3¢

Holy patience, Batman! Brandon has balls of steel. Being YA, I didn’t expect really…

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