Reckless- Thoughtless, P.3 comes out tomorrow! Get ready by checking out my Effortless review.

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Plot- 8¢

Well, what can I say? I liked this book much more than Thoughtless. I thought the plot had a better foundation, I was less annoyed with Kiera and I fell further in love with Kellan.

The story picks up where the previous installment left off. The band gained in popularity, the other characters side stories were brought to the forefront and we learn even more about Kiera and Kellan’s families and history.

I loved book two and am really happy I couldn’t resist Kellan Kyle.

Main Characters- 4¢

As immature as Kiera was in the first book, I wasn’t expecting to connect with her as much as I did in Effortless. She made better decisions, mostly, and she was more honest. Mostly. She is still Kiera.

Kellan Kyle won me, when I though I was already his. How endearing and phenomenally sweet can one guy be?…

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