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This special trial-run #FMeFriday is brought to you by the letter “K.”

K as in “K, I’ll do what ever you want me to, Kellan Kyle.” And I mean ah…nay…thaaaang…

Does this kind of perfection exist?

Now, I know I shouldn’t really compare my husband to Kellan Kyle, but I can’t help it. I think it’s the band thing. Kellan was a singer and Danny, my groom, is a drummer. Kellan is a blond hair blue-eyed Gawd and Danny is my brown hair/brown-eyed world.

Something about his personality seems familiar to me. Something about the phone calls from the road and the “what’s he doing out there” time in MY life comes back to me. The excitement. The travel. The anticipation. The pride.

Anyway…back to Kellan. It is obvious that the majority of swooners out there are all about the Devin Paisley as Kellan Kyle. I happen to be one…

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